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academic achievement

This approach to study produces major advances in a student’s level of Academic Achievement.

With these KEYS successful graduation can be achieved in any subject the student chooses to study.

PRICE R79.00

easy Learning

This is a lighter approach to study that has been made easy for the young or struggling student of any age to overcome study problems.

With these ‘EASY LEARNING SKILLS’ students can make major progress, no longer failing, but producing positive results.

PRICE R79.00

building understanding

With these KEYS you can build greater understanding as an effective communicator.

Become a master at resolving conflicts and bringing about harmony in relationships with all those around you.

PRICE R79.00

successful control

This is a sequel to the previous eBook “BUILDING UNDERSTANDING”.

These KEYS are designed to increase your ability to use the necessary intention and quality of control to achieve positive results in everything you do.

PRICE R79.00

achieving your goals

You can make a new start and lay out a positive path forward.

With these KEYS you can overcome unwanted situations and make major changes in your life so that you can achieve the success you have always wanted.

PRICE R79.00

How To Achieve a Happy Life

Everyone seeks Happiness whether young or old.
If you follow this code you can achieve happiness for yourself and all those around you.

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