How It Works

Make an Appointment

Its as simple as popping us an email or dropping us a Whatsapp message to make an appointment where you will sit with one of our experts who will explain and guide you through what courses and programs are on offer and what would be recommended for you.


Choose a Course Plan

Of the extensive list of courses, a select few will be suggested for you as your first step towards a life where you are in control of your own happiness and success.

Reach Your Goals

Our experts will support and guide you through your program until you have reached the initial goals you set out for yourself.

Basic Study Manual Course

A course covering the fundamentals of study. Any person can study and apply what they have learnt if they know how. 

Estimated time to completion is 20 hours.

Ups & Downs in Life Course

Do you roller coaster in life? Up & down, happy and sad, doing well then failing. This course gives you back your stability. You will find the real reasons people fail, get sick and have accidents.

Estimated time to completion is 10 hours.

How to Choose Your People

A big part of success and happiness in your personal life and the workplace depends on choosing the right people to associate with. This gives an insight into human nature. 

Estimated time to completion is 12 hours.

How to have Money Course

Are you struggling with money? Do you just want to improve your understanding of money? This course will give you a method to handle your finances. We all know how to spend money, but do we know how to have money?

Estimated time to completion is 10 hours.

Learning Skills Course

A journey through the steps of learning how to learn. Anyone can learn if you know how.

Estimated time to completion is 20 hours.

Communication Skills Course

The fundemental key to all happy relationships in life is communication. 

Estimated time to completion is 40 hours.

Personal Integrity Course

Personal integrity is the care of living a successful life. Learn how to apply this principle to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Estimated time to completion is 12 hours.

The Prosperity for Life Course

The Prosperity for Life modules address many areas of achieving success in life and business. You finish each module with complete understanding and certainty and knowledge ability needed to be effective with the data.

Estimated time to completion is 12 hours.

Business Courses

The Effective Executive package


  1. The secret to good leadership
  2. Organization 101
  3. How to successfully organize any activity
  4. How to forward your groups basic activity
  5. How to create and plan your future
  6. How to execute your plans and accomplish your goals
  7. Battle plans and Programs

Fundementals of Sales Package


  1. Closing techniques
  2. Using features and benefits of sell
  3. Sourses of Sales Failure
  4. Sales Communication

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