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Communication Skills Tutoring

The course will give you the basics of communication and bring about a greater ability to communicate and handle people and life.

Learning How To Learn Course

Teaches you the 3 barriers to learning & how to handle them which you don't learn at school.

Basic Study Manual

A student who can apply the principles of study technology successfully.

Finance Courses

Gives you a workable system of handling your monthly finances.

Assists for Illnesses and Injuries

Teaches you to help an injured person with the various assists. Eg. Contact, Touch, Nerve assist etc.

Ever wondered what stress actually is and an effective way to manage it?

This course covers these valuable life skills topics.

Personal Integrity Tutoring

To educate a person on how to improve his or her personal integrity through the application of this course.

How to Choose Your People

Increase the skill of dealing with people and understanding what makes someone act the way they do.

Morals and Choices Tutoring

A basic grounding on how to make the correct choices in life based on a common sense guide to happy living.

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Communication Skills:
Communication course is one course that has helped me to improve on what we almost do each and every day.  We only do not communicate when we are sleeping.  The way how I will communicate with others will help to avoid having problems with others.  Communicating with others will also save other people’s lives.  It is one of the courses that helps one to achieve what they want to achieve.  Most fights and wars are caused by lack of communication.  On completion of this course I can now control which ever situation is getting out of hand.  As a parent it is the way how we communicate that influence the behavior of our children.  It is also the way how we communicate that will influence the behavior of our friends and work mates.  In conclusion, I can say that communication is part of our daily lives.  Better communication will result in best results. – MN.

Learning Skills:
First when I started with this course, I thought it was easy but I was wrong because they are words that we think we know but only to find out that we can’t even define those easy words that we think we understand.  I enjoyed doing this course because I learned a lot from it, I now know that when I’m studying and don’t have a mass of things I am studying about, I have to find the mass of that thing, finding a mass of what I am studying using pictures, video’s, sketches and internet can help me to understand very well. 

I did lean about a dictionary at school, but they didn’t teach me well about misunderstood words, that if you have a word that you don’t know or understand you can find the definition that fit in the sentence you were reading so that you can understand what you were reading about.  Starting from today, I will like to help those who think they understand how to learn and always complain that the thing is difficult and etc.

How To Choose Your People:
Biggest realization is how I react to things and how I come across to others.  I understand now that what I do, what I say and most important how I say it makes an impact on others and that the message they receive may be not what I intend.  I’ve learnt I can be very condescending, my reactions can be blunt at times.  I can go from high tone to low tone quite quickly and can flip between the tones from apathy to grief to antagonism and back to making amends. 

My own communication skills are not as good as I thought and some of the reactions I got were probably pushed by me.  I maybe created more of the drama than was necessary.

Being reactive without thinking is dangerous – I need to stop, listen, take notice before reacting.  Consciously focusing on being up the top of the tone scale – honest, fair, non-judgmental. 

Thank you Margie & Lawrence. – MW

How to have money:
This course had taught me to love my money. I’ve learnt not to waste money at a shop, but to rather think about what I would rather use my money for. I don’t stress about all the bills and expenses I have, I know that each month I will budget and compensate for the unpaid bills at some stage. I realize that having and sticking to my budget is the best way to stay in control. I also realise that taking out loans for personal use is a big NO NO.

Basic Study Manual:
After completing Basic Study Manual, I have found that my studies have much more value after looking up my misunderstood words in my material. It is important to look up my words when I am in doubt and I learnt that even the simplest of words can cause me to “give up” in later stages of studying. All this can be avoided by having a dictionary present whenever I study or read through material. Learning how to demonstrate also makes understanding much easier because you create an image of what you are studying. – A.D.

How To Choose Your People:
On completion of this course I have learnt a lot in all areas of my life at home, work, groups and in the community I live in. This is a very effective powerful course, it helps to spot emotional tones of individuals and people around you so that I can always make the right choices in my life. My eyes started to open and I would approach situations in the right way, I feel confident to approach any situation or circumstance that I come across. Since the beginning of my course I have been working hard to raise my own tone level and I would say that I have improved a lot, I can also recognise when my own tone level drops and then I have the tools to be able to raise it. Thank you so much to all the Supervisors at the Centre who contributed to my success, I really appreciate it. – N.M.

Communication Skills course:
This communications course has given me all the necessary tools required to communicate and handle people, things or animals, in an effective and gracious manner. I have also acquired more confidence in dealing with others and the ability to confront anything or anyone who comes my way. I feel more in control over myself & my emotions and lot less reactive to situations that would normally see me “throw in the towel”. Thank you. – G.C.

Communication Skills course:
This is a very important tool to use in your environment, school, workplace or in any meeting. It helps you to focus and really be there, be present at all times. It helps you to make sure what you have communicated reaches the person you are communicating with properly and with intention. It helps you to handle difficult people or situations and not to be short tempered or raising your voice. This course can increase productivity at work, to have better relationships with your partners and kids and all members of society. – M.N.

How To Choose Your People:
Brilliant course! I loved it! I have already started spotting the emotional tones in the people around me, and I know now how to handle them and get rid of the low toned people in my life. I know this book is an advantage to my life and the knowledge is awesome. I’m keen to live a positive ‘up-toned’ life using these tools. – Z.J.

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